Dr. Raković received the Ph.D. degree in Control Theory from Imperial College London. His Ph.D. thesis, entitled “Robust Control of Constrained Discrete Time Systems: Characterization and Implementation”, was awarded the Eryl Cadwaladr Davies Prize as the best Ph.D. thesis in the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department of Imperial College London in 2005. (This award is presented annually to the Ph.D. student who produces the best thesis during the academic year.)

Dr. Raković has been affiliated with a number of universities including, inter alia, Imperial College London, ETH Zürich, Oxford University, UMD at College Park, UT at Austin and Texas A&M University at College Station.

Dr. Raković's research spans the broad areas of autonomy, controls, dynamics, systems, applied mathematics, optimization and set-valued analysis. His current research activity is focused on problems encountered in, or related to, the fields of smart autonomous and cyber-physical systems with particular emphasis on problems that belong to the intersection of controls, dynamics, systems and optimization. Dr. Raković has authored 97 publications, most of which are highly cited and are published in leading international journals and proceedings of key conferences in the fields of control theory and engineering.

Dr. Raković is best known for his research in model predictive control that has made significant contributions to theory, computation and implementation of conventional, robust and stochastic model predictive control. Dr. Raković is one of the global leaders in robust model predictive control, and one of the key pioneers of the tube model predictive control framework. Tube model predictive control has been recognized as a milestone contribution to, and a major paradigm shift in, model predictive control under uncertainty.

Dr. Raković's most important work in analysis of dynamics and control synthesis via optimization and set–valued methods has dealt with previously long–standing problems. In particular, Zvi Artstein and Saša V. Raković have resolved important problems concerned with minimality of invariant sets and set invariance under output feedback. Dr. Raković has also significantly expanded classical results on the linear quadratic Lyapunov equations by developing theory and computations for Minkowski-Lyapunov equations, namely Lyapunov equations within the class of generic vector semi–norms.