Saša V. Raković - Projects

Dr. Raković's most recent projects, which are both academic and synergistic in their spirit, include editing of the handbook of model predictive control with William S. Levine as well as organization of the first, and NSF funded, American model predictive control summer school with James B. Rawlings and Ilya V. Kolmanovsky.

  • The Handbook of Model Predictive Control.
  • William Levine and Saša V. Raković are currently editing the Handbook of Model Predictive Control, which gathers important basic knowledge about MPC, and aspires to be useful to any researcher that wants to know something about the subject. The handbook delivers a collection of important results, tools, software and technologies that shape model predictive control, together with a roadmap for how they are inter–related and how they might be brought together in the classroom and laboratory. The MPC handbook focuses more or less equally on the theory, practical issues such as computation, and exemplary applications. Birkhäuser has agreed to publish the book once it is completed.
  • The First American Model Predictive Control Summer School.
  • James Rawlings, Ilya Kolmanovsky and Saša V. Raković are organizing the NSF supported, first American Model Predictive Control summer school. The summer school will be held in July 2017 at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. At the strategic level, the summer school is envisioned as a yearly activity with prime goal to establish and foster a vibrant research community that will accelerate innovative research and transform the industrial practice of advanced control in American manufacturing and process operations. At the educational level, the summer school initiative brings leading researchers and practitioners together to provide state of the art overviews and tutorials on the latest model predictive control research and applications. Thus, the summer school delivers a carefully crafted overview of the theoretical fundamentals of model predictive control, and it provides access to, and motivates the development of, freely available and state of the art numerical software for implementing the advanced model predictive control methods on dificult and challenging examples and industrial applications.

Dr. Raković's most recent research projects are driven by problems encountered in the felds of, or related to, smart autonomous and cyber–physical systems, which belong to the intersection of controls, dynamics, systems and optimization. These most recent research projects are motivated by enabling transition of model predictive control to smart autonomous and cyber–physical systems and, thus, facilitating its real–life and highly benefcial utilization for a wide range of important application areas including, but not exclusively limited to, smart transportation systems and autonomous vehicles, smart energy, water and heat systems, smart buildings and cities, smart manufacturing systems as well as smart flow and supply chain networks.

  • Smart Autonomous and Cyber-Physical Systems.
  • Optimization and design of intelligent, fault–tolerant, reconfgurable, secure and resilient smart autonomous and cyber–physical systems with signifcantly enhanced agility and composability as well as ability to operate in a single–system mode or within collaborative and coordinated multi–systems and system of systems confgurations.
  • Model Predictive Control and Analysis and Synthesis via Optimization and Set–Valued Methods.
  • Theoretical, methodological and computational advances that facilitate effective deployment of model predictive control as well as optimization and set-valued methods for analysis and synthesis of increasingly sophisticated and complex smart autonomous and cyber–physical systems.